Flying Dragon Shot by Security Camera in China

Posted July 18, 2007 by realityanew
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Infrared security camera captures dragon-like creature coming out the door! Last loop is in slow motion. Original footage ordered destroyed by Chinese authorities.

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Sleep is just a bad habit

Posted July 17, 2007 by realityanew
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Two hours of sleep a day is plenty.

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Psychic Dreams

Posted July 12, 2007 by realityanew
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Early article about “Psychic Dreams”. Out of the immense number of our dreams it is to be expected that some of them will represent some real fact not normally known to the dreamer, without any supernormal agency being concerned.

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Spiderman 3 – brings home the question about responsibility and power

Posted May 4, 2007 by realityanew
Categories: Supernormal Powers

One of the better review yet of the new Spiderman 3 movie. It gets me thinking about “superheroes” and “powers.”

What if you suddenly had superhuman powers? Your realilty would definitely change for you will have more “power” than the average person. That will put you in a position where you can “take” from others more easily…in other words, you will be more powerful. You can do what you desire on an easier basis than an average person.

It’s like that to certain degrees in our ordinary society. You have more money and wealth, you are more poweful to obtain things. You have great looks, you have more power over the opposite sex.

So that statement in the original Spiderman comics is very applicable anywhere:

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

Most Earth-Like Planet Discovered

Posted April 26, 2007 by realityanew
Categories: Life Sciences, Outer Space

Scientists are excited over discovering a very earth-like planet about 20 light years away from us in the constellation Libra. The planet orbits a red dwarf star, and the surface temperature range is estimated at between 32-104 degrees Fahrenheit, quite balmy. Scientists believe if there is water on the planet, there may be life.

My issue is what we define as life. Is life just what we know? Can’t life exist in other forms beside the carbon-based organic organisms that scientists recognized? Maybe there is life all over the universe in front of our eyes, but we don’t recognize them, or are not using the right instruments to observe them. Just some thoughts…

The Quantum World is Strange

Posted April 20, 2007 by realityanew
Categories: Mind, Quantum Physics

Well, for those of us who are more into metaphysics and mind over matter, we know that reality is pretty much influenced by our perspective/thinking, at least that is our notion.

In this article of a quantum physics experiment by by physicist Anton Zeilinger, he found out that quantum reality is really indeterminate. That is how you look at something can determine how it manifests, or anologically speaking (taken as example from the article), whether you decide to read a letter or not can determine the letter’s content.

This kind of makes sense, for if our thoughts are energy, then at more quantum levels, the effects should be great, whereas at this surface, molecular level, the effects are not very discernible.

Ancient Artifacts Indicate Ancient Advanced Technology

Posted April 17, 2007 by realityanew
Categories: Ancient Civilizations, Technology

Here’s a nice gallery of some ancient artifacts that science cannot yet explained:

It’s puzzling, there are countless examples of such artifacts but no one has sytematically cataloged and carefully studied them yet? We have human shoe prints dated 300 million years old? Models of airplanes that are 1000 years old? 2000-year-old complex differential gears?

Where are the real scientists?